Electric Salt & Pepper Grinder

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The Electric Salt & Pepper Grinder is made of a high-hardness ceramic grinding core, adjustable thickness knob, blue LED light, black matte or stainless steel case, and transparent container. Suitable for kitchens, restaurants, outdoor picnics, and parties.


  • Gravity sensing design. No need to switch; as long as the grinding mouth is tilted downwards at 45 degrees, it will automatically grind.
  • The blue LED will automatically illuminate to show you where the ground pepper will dispense.
  • Powerful, 3 times faster than traditional hand grinders. It can grind any solid particles such as black pepper, white pepper, and sea salt.
  • Turn the knob left and right to adjust the thickness of the pepper. From fine to granular, you can choose from it. You can mill spice for immediate consumption and add great taste to your food!