Fruit Vegetable Sausage Slicer

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Fruit Slicer: The fruit slicer is a versatile attachment that comes with the appliance. It is designed to effortlessly slice through a variety of fruits, making meal preparation quick and efficient. Whether you're slicing apples for a snack or preparing a fruit salad, this component ensures uniform slices for a visually appealing and appetizing presentation.

Vegetable Slicer: The vegetable slicer is another essential feature of this appliance. It is equipped with different blades to cater to various slicing needs for vegetables. From cucumbers and carrots to zucchinis and potatoes, the vegetable slicer provides consistent and precise slices, helping you achieve professional-looking results in your culinary endeavors.

Sausage Slicer: The sausage slicer is a specialized attachment designed for slicing sausages with ease. It ensures even and clean slices, enhancing the presentation of dishes that include sausage, such as pizzas, pasta, or sandwiches. This component is particularly useful for achieving uniform slices, which can be challenging to achieve with a regular knife.


  • Blade Material: Stainless Steel
  • Fruit & Vegetable Tools Type: Shredders & Slicers
  • Feature: Eco-Friendly
  • Feature: Stocked
  • Type: Fruit & Vegetable Tools